GLAB: But I’m keeping an eye on you still.

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A thoughtless question sends drags up unpleasant memories… and some good ones.

Spirit (male and female), Killion, GLAB and Lulu - EternallyLost
Steady Mint(Spirit Mom) - Mrs. Cheese (Character belongs to Buckshire)

Flashback - Original here 

'Answered' Question

Anonymous said:

Hey Spirit, I bet if you learn how to fly you won’t be Useless anymore!

(Well I took a fun little side thing and made it sad… yay! Actually I kinda had this in mind from the start ever since I turned Spirit into a pegasus… the genderswap was just for lols and the wing boner joke :). Just thought this would be a good way to show off one of spirits hidden issues. Big thanks to Mrs. Cheese for voices Steady Mint and everypony out there for the patience of our lack of updating. we’re trying to get back on track best we can. Thank you and hope you enjoyed it)

And so ends the adventures of Fillyon.

And so ends the adventures of Fillyon.

((Yeah, I have anon turned off at my tumblr for such reasons (besides others).))

Seriously. I doubt these guys would be able to keep up with me if I didn’t want them to.

It makes bothering them a lot easier!

Happy Late Birthday Pony Playground

This blog was started on April 6th, 2013. I didn’t notice that the day came and went.

Thank you everyone who has supported this little project that Boulder and I started, and to everyone who has participated in its continuity, as well as our 418 followers!

You are all wonderful people, and I hope you continue to enjoy our works. That being said, we could also use more questions in our inbox.

-Killion Lightfeather mod, Tanis

EternallyLost - The Spread
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As the anon magic spreads the afflicted ponies start to gather…

Voices: EternallyLost 
Art: Killion

(Continues after GLABs comic and Lulu’s comic as Killion and Spirit arrive on the scene. Just a bit of connector fluff to get everypony together… Plus I got to use my super high voice for the first time, good times!)


((And now GLAB has been hit. And those Bat Ponies are considered a separate tribe to other Ponies.))

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After the panic ends two young ponies take some time to take stock of their ‘situation’…

Voice: EternallyLost

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